Every time I touch a fabric it’s like traveling to a different space. If it’s a new feel for my hand, then it’s like discovering another country.


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The Favorites Collection

Culled from our most loved styles, we have created The Favorites Collection. 

It embodies the spirit of comfort, handmade luxury and above all, the joy of scrumptious textiles. 

They are either soft and floaty or warm and organic; it is what we need it to be — comfortable, chic, and sensual.

The prints, weaves and colors are inspired by as much a desire for joie de vivre, as it is for a link to the faraway world. 

We chose traditional Indian motifs like the lotus flower and mixed it with a brick design inspired by a Moroccan carpet. 

Other prints include palm trees and fantastical dark blue flowers reminiscent of fine Mughal paintings from Persia and India.

The weaves are Jamdani, a two thousand year old weaving technique, gossamer fine hand woven gauze, and breezy Bengal handloom.