About Us

Ask most women about what they wear and they will first tell you how it makes them feel, and then how it makes them look.

The meaning of “Aish” is perfectly in sync with the feeling of Aish. Translated from Urdu – a language of beauty and finesse, the word Aish means to revel in pleasure, desire and luxury.

As a brand Aish has always kept feelings at its core. Joy is one. Passion another. Curiosity and delight.. An ease, and a relaxed confidence.

There is also the solid bedrock of a deeper connection to the textile and craft communities in India, with its history of craftsmanship and techniques of dyeing, weaving, printing and embroidery.

Aish, however, is not rooted in the old, it is a modern, ever growing brand that brings you clothes that simply feel right. Made exquisitely, with skills that generations have passed down; it combines freshness, beauty and quality.